Budokan Ju-Jitsu Club
Based at Hale Youth Centre

Budokan Ju-Jitsu Club  - Website updated 22.05.21

Tashi Dave Williams is the Chief instructor at Budokan Ju-Jitsu Club, he started the club in 2004.

Dave has been learning Ju-Jitsu since February of 1996 and is a black belt third Dan.

He started at The Budokan Ju-Jitsu School ( which was based at St Hilda's Hunts cross ) the club was run by Master Mick Walsh, who taught Ju-Jitsu which was fast, short and very effective, he was hooked from then on.

Dave was taught at club level and privately by Master Walsh, his training partner was Sensei Garnett during this time.

He gained his Sandan in 2018 he is teaching the same system that Master Walsh taught him

He loves teaching and passing on the knowledge , and loves to see people come out of their shells and become more confident because of the knowledge they have gained from coming to the club.

He has a very active teaching style and constantly provides individual feedback to each student.

Dave is constantly pushing to incorporate new teaching methods  into each class to make the Club the best it can be .

Dave has a MAIUK Level 1 - Martial Arts Instructor UK Coaching qualification

Dave was awarded the Japanese title of Tashi in November 2019 by Soke Brian Walsh .

(Tashi means expert teacher)

Tashi Dave Williams Chief Instructor