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Budokan Ju-Jitsu Club  

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Shihan Paul started training at the age of twelve , in hale village hall.
Then when he was in his early teens he joined the Lowlands Ju-Jitsu club in Liverpool which was run by Soke James Blunnell who was a student of Professor Jack Britten , Shihan Paul trained at the Lowlands for well over thirty years.
Whilst Shihan Paul was there he gained his fifth Dan .
Shihan Paul got his Japanese title of Soke Brian Walsh.
Shihan Paul has been all over the world teaching and learning from some of the best instructors in the world.
As fate would have it, in the early eighties Shihan Paul trained under Master Mick Walsh at the southgate club for a few months as extra training ,this is when Grand Master Chew Choo Soot came over to see Master Walsh.
Its funny how Shihan Paul started in Hale Village  and some thirty years later he’s back training there with someone who was also taught by someone who has a connection to Professor Jack Britten .
We are very lucky to have Shihan Paul,he’s become a great asset of our coaching team.
Shihan Paul takes direction from Sensei Dave,  as its Sensei Dave’s Club.
Shihan Paul has a MAIUK Level 1 - Martial Arts Instructor UK Coaching qualification
Shihan Paul Ellis  Godan 5th Dan