Budokan Ju-Jitsu Club
Based at Hale Youth Centre

Budokan Ju-Jitsu Club  

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Master Mick Walsh

Rokudan / 6th Dan

Started training in 1966 at The Alpha Ju-Jitsu Institute in Liverpool The Alpha was run by Professor Jack Britten.

Master Walsh ran the senior matt at the  Alpha club  Master Walsh had many clubs over the years all over Merseyside  , Southgate, St Christopher's, St Hilda's.

Master Walsh was well respected in his field of Ju-Jitsu by his Contemporary's for he was a great Technician and teacher Master Walsh only gave a dozen or so black belts out in his forty years of training Lucky for Sensei Williams he was one of them.

Sadly for the Ju-Jitsu community Master Walsh passed away in 2005.